David Smithstein, Founder & CEO

Studies show that 60-80% of product cost is tied to administration. 

With this fact in mind we built a quality management software product that could administer document, quality, and inventory management knowing that we wanted to be Lean about it and attack that 60-80% statistic.

We named the software The Lean Machine as a reminder that our software was not going to be a direct part of your value stream, so we needed to help you get the job done, then get out of the way.

In 2000 we started what people are now calling a Cloud Corporation.”

It’s really the same principle as cloud computing, except using people resources instead of computing resources.  Of course there wasn’t cloud computing in 2000, so I guess you can say we are pioneers of the Cloud Corporation business model.

Although it seemed to be simple common sense to us, thinking about it from a lean perspective and trying to eliminate waste in order to achieve the goal of developing customer focused software in an agile development cycle, and compete with larger companies who already had an 8 year head start.

The anatomy of a cloud corporation has turned out to be a huge competitive advantage as we were not only able to catch up, but can easily claim to have the highest value offering in the document, quality, and inventory management software market.

For years now the LMBS cloud has been responding to what our customers and consulting affiliates have been telling us are the important features needed for quality and material management, and our ability to quickly incorporate that feedback has created an organization that learns and adapts very quickly.

TLM Enterprise, our document, quality and inventory management software is now filled with the combined expertise of many quality and manufacturing professionals from a variety of industries who enjoy the art of continuous improvement as much as we do.

When we upgraded our offering to this enterprise version which runs on a MySQL database, we improved our ability to provide our larger customers with solutions while maintaining the flexibility to continue our offering for smaller companies.

Take your company beyond ISO certification with our all-in-one quality management solution.

Our software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO certification on the first try!

Pricing is not an obstacle to implementation, so start your company's transformation today.

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