Principles of Lean Quality Management

The key principle behind The Lean Machine™ is our dedication to the art of continuous improvement.

Be Flexible in Style ...

This is the classic Deming cycle concept, and applies to quality systems, martial arts, yoga – anything where learning and change is supposed to happen.  Like any practice, this requires a steady and continuous cycle of action, feedback, evaluation, and re-action.

Deming Cycle Graphic

As a martial artist CEO David Smithstein thinks of The Lean Machine™  as a collection of “moves,” like mini katas:

“The idea of selling you individual modules would be like training you to fight with only your left arm.”

These katas keep a wedge under the progress you have already made, and give you the weapons, if you will, to seek out and destroy obstacles to progress, whether they take the form of risk, inefficiency, or incompetence in the way your business processes are performed.

Lean Quality Management is Built In

What sets The Lean Machine™ apart from competitors is two-fold:

1.  Our fully-integrated system gives you 26 modules that cover every aspect of lean quality management; all of the components are there for you to create the solutions you need as you need them.

2.  Our ability to quickly adapt the system to work for the unique battles your company faces, whether changes are needed this month or next year.

Little Changes Make a Big Difference

Although our software is designed to give you immediate and long term quality management solutions, we know that as business environments change, your needs change.

Of course managing changes that adds capabilities without creating new problems is what The Lean Machine does best.  System Settings and custom fields are two examples of built in tools that allow us to support continuous improvement for one customer, without undermining how another customer is using the software.

We take great pride in tweaking your system with small changes that make a big difference in your business. In fact, identifying and acting on these small changes is a big part of what being lean is about.



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