How To Conduct A Trial of The Lean Machine

How To Conduct A Trial of The Lean Machine

If you want to know how to conduct a trial of The Lean Machine, and make a good decision about how well it might meet your QMS needs, both tomorrow and next year, there are only two simple steps you need to take.

1. The first step is to familiarize yourself enough with what it does and how it works so you can log in and move around, create new records, etc.

2. The second step is to use this familiarity to go exploring for something you know need, but don’t see as a feature…and let us know about it.

That’s right, we actually want you to try and find something you need that isn’t there.  You don’t have to find everything you might ever need the software to do differently, especially since you probably don’t know what that is.  Just find one thing and let us know what that is, and why.

The reason you should do this is to test the update process, our customer service, and what it is like to be part of the “continuous improvement health club” that a TLM customer enjoys all the time.  In other words, we think you should test how we handle the process of change, because if we are good at that, then the rest will work itself out.

This is a much different experience than feeling stuck with a purchase that doesn’t meet your needs, and kicking yourself for not having the time to research every possible detail, which nobody really has the time for anyway.

The best part of this capability is when you are familiar enough with the software to connect it’s potential with your specific processes, then we can collaborate on making The Lean Machine effective in ways you probably didn’t realize there was an opportunity for.

After all, continuous improvement is the fun part, right?

We have prepared some videos to guide you through these two steps.

This first video demonstrates how to go about exploring each module and some of the common conventions and systems that all modules use that can play a role in customization or configuration.

The next set of videos demonstrate how we have been able to collaborate with our customers in the past to use The Lean Machine as a tool that helped them solve a variety of quality system issues they encountered to give you an idea of our continuous improvement capabilities.

Here is list of some of the issues we have addressed in the past through rapid updates.

    1.  “As a medical device company our documents are often related to several other areas of the business. Can you help us figure out a way to ensure our engineers remember to consider all the issues relevant to a document release before they submit it for approval?”

    1. “We have an existing QMS with almost 5000 documents, is there an easy way to get this information into your system?”

    1. “We would love to see an easy way to maintain training requirements that is mostly automated.  Can we just assign employees to departments, and documents to departments and when they intersect, that person is automatically added to the training list so they have to sign off on a new revision when it’s released?”

    1. “I used to manually create this Excel based report for management meetings that produced a bar chart summary of vendor performance over a 5 quarter period.  Do you think you could re-create a report like that?”

  1. “I have a lot of documents that are due to review, but after review, they don’t need to be changed.  Is there an easy way to record the review without having to go through the whole review and approval process again?”


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