Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is part of a full set of material management modules that includes bill of materials, purchasing, work orders, and sales orders.

Inventory Management

All are linked in to other supporting modules like the Contact Manager module, quality inspections for receiving, and document control when your various parts and components have corresponding drawings or other related documents.

Capable of being integrated with QuickBooks, our inventory management modules give much larger systems a run for their money at a fraction of the cost and provides solid and integrated quality functions where most other ERP systems fall short.

Several of our customers who had already committed to other ERP systems find that our ability to import that material information into The Lean Machine solves many quality related issues that their ERP software doesn’t attempt to address.

Fully-Integrated Inventory Management Software

The Lean Machine is designed to be part of the solution, not an addition problem for you.

Implementation is easy and highly customizable, so you can plan, track, and improve production activities knowing that The Lean Machine is intended to support a lean organization and will strive to do everything possible to complement your efforts.

Five specific modules are dedicated to inventory management:

World-Class Support

Developer-level support is there to help you harness the power of The Lean Machine’s quality management software, starting with a thorough understanding of how each module will help your business achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

Ongoing customer service ensures your system is working optimally; in addition, your feedback and suggestions become actionable items as we continually strive towards the best practices within the software that can be used to meet your company’s needs.



Take your company beyond ISO certification with our all-in-one quality management solution.

Our software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO certification on the first try!

Pricing is not an obstacle to implementation, so start your company's transformation today.

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