Managing Multiple Job Descriptions and Training Records

Managing Multiple Job Descriptions and Training Records

One of the great features of The Lean Machine is that it let’s you manage multiple job descriptions. However, there is a little bit of a ripple effect to that feature when it comes to assigning users to the Training Record of a new document revision, as users with more than one job description will have their names added for each job description.

The original thought was that while they only need to read the document once, signing off for both job descriptions makes them consider the procedure changes for each job description seperately.

Sounds good, but in practice maybe it’s better to have a little more flexibility. Version 503 will now have a system setting for “Add Training Record for each assigned job description.”

Instead of being a Yes / No option, this setting will be “Always,” “Never,” and “Let user decide.”  This should give the management rep enough flexibility to have The Lean Machine behave in a way that works best at their company.


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