Project Folder Paths in The Lean Machine

Project Folder Paths in The Lean Machine

One of the strengths of The Lean Machine (TLM) is the ability to interlink modules so that you can manage what’s important to your organization.

A service company needed a way to manage projects that generated many documents.  These documents were organized on their file server.

Instead of having to set up a link to each document from their project management software, what they really needed was a way to link the TLM module(s) they used for project management to the project folder(s) on their server.

We decided the bestAttachmentPath approach would be to provide a project folder path field for the attachment system already built into TLM.

That way, regardless of which modules you combine for project management purposes, or how many different project folders need to be identified,  TLM has you covered.

While TLM has a module called “Project Management” that can be used to link together several other modules such as Events, Document Control, Meeting and Reviews, etc, the best combination for your purposes might not require this top level record.

Even just one module, such as Corrective and Preventive Actions, might have enough functionality to manage the information, approvals, and sequence of events that your organization considers a “project.”

Although the most generic project management module would probably be the Events module, as with a Gantt Chart add in (sold separately) you are able to print out Gantt Charts that show the projects progress.


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