The Lean Machine is an all-in-one Quality Management Software solution that can be customized to your company’s individual needs through configuration and customized development.

Guiding Principle - All in One CircleIt is designed to quickly implement the solutions you need today, with the ability to allow rapid conformance to current standards, while supporting your need for continuous improvement as tomorrow’s business processes are identified.

The Lean Machine is delivered as a fully-integrated system of 26 modules, allowing you to incorporate the quality principles needed to meet your customer’s expectations, eliminate waste, and rapidly cycle through the art of continuous improvement that drives more revenue to the bottom line.

ISO Certification Is Just the Beginning

The Lean Machine fully supports all aspects of your quality management system, backed by a proven first-try, 100% success rate in certification audits.

  • Easy integration into your existing business processes and systems, including ERP, QuickBooks, and other accounting software
  • Customized implementation delivers the solutions you need up front with the ability to implement modules as needed
  • World class support from developer-level experts ensures improvements that meet your business’ needs
  • Network, Hosted/Cloud options for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Automated e-mail escalation based on individualized criteria
  • Customized user dashboard provides work flow intelligence
  • Pricing that is not an obstacle to implementation
  • TLM Customers have already registered to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard – with no findings!!!

Document Management 

The Lean Machine Document ManagementAs a quality principle, Process Documentation is arguably the single most important aspect of any management system.

The Document Management module allows you to stay focused on content by delivering all of the management features needed to put that content in front of your employees so that they know how to “do it right.”

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Quality Management

The Lean Machine Quality Management SoftwareQuality Management  is a collection of principles with action based outcomes that occurs at every stage of your daily work activities.

When quality principles are embraced throughout your company everyday, you deliver products or services to your customers in the most efficient and cost effective way; in addition, you are providing a superior customer experience that solidifies business relationships and leads a higher return on investment.

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Organizational Management

The Lean Machine Quality Management SoftwareThis is best described in one word: Leadership – the activity of orchestrating all of the individual employee contributions towards meeting customer expectations.

TLM supports the manager’s job of providing good leadership with features that support the identification and management of the resources it will require to delight customers, win contracts, and meet the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.

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Risk Management

The Lean Machine Quality Management SoftwareHandled through the Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) module as well as Control Plans in our new Work Flow version, it can be used during product planning and design as well as any other stage of a project so that a cross functional team of subject matter experts within your organization can methodically look for and anticipate where things will go wrong.

Then they can deploy countermeasures to avoid these potentially costly or even dangerous events from undermining all the hard work put into meeting customer expectations.

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Inventory Management

The Lean Machine Inventory Management SoftwareWhile larger companies may already have a material management solution in place, having an integrated set of material management solutions gives these companies the ability to plug The Lean Machine into their existing production system, pull the needed inventory data into The Lean Machine, and use it for all the areas their existing ERP system falls short of a complete solution.

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Compliance Management

The Lean Machine Quality Management SoftwareObtaining ISO certification or meeting government regulations is much easier with our comprehensive, fully-integrated modules.

To ensure managers have good insight into the company’s state of compliance, The Lean Machine allows you to customize both the list of specific requirements as well as linking those requirements to the documents that describe how the company is meeting them.

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Take your company beyond ISO certification with our all-in-one quality management solution.

Our software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO certification on the first try!

Pricing is not an obstacle to implementation, so start your company's transformation today.

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