If you want to optimize your quality management system so that it has the best chance of helping your company meet its quality objectives, then having the flexibility to first consider what would make the most sense for your company and then applying the appropriate components of a software solution would ensure the “story” you want to tell about how you are complying with any given ISO/FDA requirement is sufficient, risk appropriate, and optimized to support the quality objectives.

Since The Lean Machine is designed to support both the continuous improvement requirements of a company who is just starting to optimize their quality system, AND companies who need to deploy validated software systems, each company has full control over the software update process.

A system setting can be configured to direct users to an update file on your network, or on The Lean Machine website.  If your system is validated, then updates can be validated for a specific revision and the installation program for that revision can be located on a network share to ensure all users have that exact revision installed when they update.

The Lean Machine allows the Management Rep to trigger the update process for each user, as well as displaying the revision each user is currently using.

(Management Reps should contact support@QUESHH.COM for the current TLM update password)

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