Quality Management

Quality management software brings organizational focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and provides the backbone for meeting ISO certification, FDA and other regulatory requirements.

Implementation is easy and highly customizable, so you are can plan, track and improve every aspect of your company’s policies and procedures.

Seven of the twenty-six modules included in The Lean Machine are focused on quality; these modules create a strong foundation on which to build a lean and mean company:

However, just meeting standards is not enough in today’s global economy. To gain a competitive advantage your company needs a system that can identify opportunities and potential problems, anticipate and exceed customer expectations,  and have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in the business environment. In other words, quality is not enough, you must also be Lean.

Stewart Denham, Danville Materials
Stewart Denham
Director of Engineering
Danville Materials
TLM Client Since 2008

“Very helpful in fine tuning the software/reports to meet our specific needs for audits, even ones requested the day before the audit. 

The software is straight forward for use, we have 8 personnel in two different locations using it seamlessly … The best customer support I have ever used.”  

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A Total Quality Management Software Solution

Achieve your immediate goals quickly and follow through on long-term business strategies with The Lean Machine – an integrated system that covers every area of quality management.

World-Class Support

Developer-level support is there to help you harness the power of our quality management software, starting with a thorough understanding of how each module will help your business achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

Ongoing customer service ensures your system is working optimally. In addition, your feedback and suggestions become actionable items as we continually strive towards the best practices within the software that can be used to meet your company’s needs.

Take your company beyond ISO certification with our all-in-one quality management solution.

Our software is backed by a 100% success rate for ISO certification on the first try!

Pricing is not an obstacle to implementation, so start your company's transformation today.

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