Risk Management Software

Systematic consideration of risk while making decisions is best conducted with robust risk management software.

Taking a proactive approach to risk creates a more stable business environment and can be applied to virtually every aspect of your company.

Risk Management Cycle

  • Reducing costs and development time
  • Improving reliability and safety
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Enhancing your competitiveness
  • Creating a “problem prevention” mind set
  • Developing teamwork among staff/departments

Lean Risk Management

Our primary risk management tooll is the Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) module.

Several other  modules, all included in our fully-integrated quality management software, provide additional risk assessment:

These modules combine the best of Lean Management and Six Sigma principles with highly functional and flexible tools that can be customized to your specific business needs.

Used continually to improve your business, risk management activities will help your company achieve business goals on time and within budget:

  • Identify threats or opportunities quickly and efficiently
  • Assign proper staff and/or departments to  risk and control measures
  • Ensure that every risk, control measure and task is accounted for and reviewed regularly

World-Class Support

Developer-level support is there to help you harness the power of The Lean Machine’s quality management software, starting with a thorough understanding of how each module will help your business achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

Ongoing customer service ensures your system is working optimally; in addition, your feedback and suggestions become actionable items as we continually strive towards the best practices within the software that can be used to meet your company’s needs.



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