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The Lean Machine is affordable, Quality Management Software and Document Management Software with quality compliance modules for ISO13485, ISO9000, and Lean Manufacturing with material management and QuickBooks integration at an affordable price.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say….

The Lean Machine is finding itself in larger and larger companies and one of our recent installations was for a company with two different facilities in different states.  We were contacted by Nola, who was asks to provide some reporting on employee training, and specifically who at their facility still needed to sign off on document training from the document control module.

Poor Nola, she wasn’t included in the original decision to purchase The Lean Machine to manage their quality system, but she is a primary user and found a gap between what TLM currently could do, and what she really needed.

It doesn’t matter how many people you have on the software selection committee, and how long you spend trying to itemize all the needs you think you have.

The needs you understand today are going to look different than the needs you have tomorrow for your QMS software.

Luckily for Nola, her company uses The Lean Machine.  Nola sent us an e-mail describing her issue,  and now we are adding a field to designate a facility for an employee that will be going into the next update.

This will then be added to the training reporting screen filters so that she can isolate training reports by facility.

While this small change doesn’t seem like a big deal, just imagine how Nola is going to feel about us making her job easier in this one little area of The Lean Machine.

This little anecdote gives you some insight into what it is like to be one of our customers, and the peace of mind they have knowing that they can pursue the art of continuous improvement at their facility with TLM as a secret weapon of sorts that their competition probably doesn’t even know about.  🙂


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