TLM’s Event Module with Gantt Charting

TLM’s Event Module with Gantt Charting

If you’re the type whose desk is covered in post-it notes and scribbled notes on scraps of paper, you probably have a lot to gain from optimizing your task or project management with software solutions. The Lean Machine’s Event module acts as a series of to-do lists, each of which can be linked to other modules for easy collaboration or used as a standalone project management tool.

Gantt charting is now being added in order to fulfill the reporting needs of more robust projects and the status reporting they usually entail.

Get rid of that coffee-stained desk calendar and stop working so hard when you could be working smarter and saving time and money for your employees. The event module allows you to link events to controlled documents, agenda items, and strategic planning projects. You can also schedule reoccurring events with the Outlook-friendly interface, and easily transfer records via attached external files.

No matter how many individual tasks each scheduled event entails, The Lean Machine’s event module will help you see the bigger picture and work through multiple events simultaneously, ensuring that business is done in a timely and efficient manner.


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